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Welcome to the Humboldt Tuna Club

The Humboldt Tuna Club is a site dedicated to the offshore bluewater anglers of Humboldt County to the free exchange of information between fishermen who love their sport and will do what is necessary to protect it and our environment. Most of us are located near or in Eureka CA, Humboldt County. Though our love is for the Albacore tuna that makes its way off our coast in the summer and fall months, we fish for king salmon, silver salmon, halibut, and rockfish including the prized lingcod. Our membership outside of the Humboldt area also fish for striped bass, white sea bass, and others found farther south. Of course, during the season and if weather permits the Dungenous crab is our winter delicacy.

You will also see reports about yellowfin tun, blufin tuna, yellowtail, dorado, and marlin.

Read our forums about reel repair, boating tips, the best rods, rigging feathers, plugs, and the politics of fishing.


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